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Comments for Rihanna - Russian Roulette
chaia - May 23, 2011 17:38
i love this song but keep it up.
deionna - Jun 1, 2011 14:26
love this song too
Courtney - Jun 8, 2011 00:00
Eh I think Cry by her is better, but that might be because im like a litte emo
looney - Jun 15, 2011 17:41
i like this i feel this same way people just ant u to play a game
raven - Jul 23, 2011 20:42
this song describes my life...and how i honestly feel
rayray - Feb 22, 2012 18:56
why does it sound like her voice changes everytime she sings a song
jrs - Jul 9, 2012 18:02
chaia! i dont know wat she's talking about( no offense) but rihanna is a great singer she has done more than kept it up
tigerman - Aug 27, 2012 04:26
rayray what are you talking about every song is different so you have to macth the tempo and sound of the song
U don't need 2 no!!! - Aug 29, 2012 19:54
rayray- what tigerman said dont u get -check yoself
thatgirl - Oct 5, 2012 21:48
love this song, rayray-your both right and wrong. yes she does sound a little different, but that's 'cause of the editing. tigerman & co. you guys are right,
miji - Oct 19, 2012 20:48
love rihanna
uniquegirl :) - Jun 3, 2014 05:05
I love this song it rocks Russian Roulette
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