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Comments for kids - Whistle While You Work
puppy - Sep 1, 2016 17:46
i love snow white but i think the newer disney shows are better
comen sens - Sep 5, 2016 18:05
You people need to remember that this is an older movie so the sound quolite is going to make the song sound high piched and anoing. So in other words CUT HER SOME SLACK!!!
batman - Sep 6, 2016 14:35
I want to rip off my ears
Jacob - Sep 6, 2016 17:27
I like this song
cheerful - Sep 7, 2016 18:37
I like this song. I like the type of music it has on it.
Platinum - Sep 8, 2016 14:40
i like this song but only in small doeses ^_^
Ladybug - Sep 22, 2016 17:18
It's an enjoyable song, but it needs to be more upbeat
mister E - Oct 3, 2016 15:22
hard to hear without head phones.
RandomQuinn - Oct 4, 2016 21:15
i love this song but it get's anoying alot beacse of my lil' sister
piano master - Oct 17, 2016 17:43
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!! i love music and all, but this is horrible!
Harmony - Oct 26, 2016 21:25
I don't like disney except for maybe zootopia
GraceyLou - Nov 2, 2016 21:16
Sounds pretty annoying. Only tolerating it for school purposes and videos that long ago were bad.
Hexion Magician - Nov 14, 2016 19:42
I REALLY want to be better at whistling. Not to do stuff like that but... I if I'm on a walk, I'd whistle there & then. But, I'd whistle some dub-step. Oh! I remember! if you have vinyl tubing, a trombone mouthpiece, and a funnel, put the funnel & mouthpiece on the ends of the tubing & blow in.
kayla - Nov 15, 2016 15:52
wow this song sucks
emma - Nov 17, 2016 19:48
this song is so cute! I love old music, and old movies!
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